What’s this all about?

Whats this all about?

Hi there, some of you might know me, some of you may not. Hi anyway. I'm Richard Shepherd, a photographer based in the North East of England, who shoots weddings, boudoir, portraits and many other forms of photography, including many famous authors using my images for their book covers. If you want to know a bit more about that side of things, head over to my site at http://www.rshepherd.co.uk and then come back when you're done.

OK, so most of my time spent behind a camera is for work, though I love my job and shooting weddings etc is such great fun, I always said when I got into photography that I would never let it become the daily grind. I think an important part of keeping it fun is to shoot stuff that interests me and make images for the sake of making something beautiful, not just because I'm being paid to do so. And that's where this project comes in..

What's the project?

I have a fair few friends with a lot of tattoos, and having many piercings myself we've discussed the prejudice and presumptions made about people with extensive body art. I'd like to do something to work against that prejudice, remove the taboo and the 'hard' image that lots of ink often has, by showing inked ladies in a soft, sexy and sensual way. I'll be bringing the pictures together on this site, and ultimately hoping to work towards a book by the end of the project.

What are the requirements?

Really the only requirements are that you are female, over 18, and you have some tattoos! The more the better, but even just a couple is fine if they are large, unusual or interesting! You don't need to have any modelling experience, I'll be able to direct your poses and looks and bring the best out in you. I've shot boudoir with many clients for whom it was their first shot and never failed to get pictures that both they and I loved. Wherever possible I am trying to shoot at the girl's own house or somewhere they suggest, primarily because I'm keen to keep these images unique and fresh, so having the same studio over and over would get very boring very quickly. I'm also hoping to keep a more natural setting to the images than is often provided by a studio, I want to avoid that studio look. If you can not or do not want to shoot at home, still give me a shout, we'll be able to work something out!

What's in it for me?

You'll get a free mini boudoir session, which should take about half an hour or so.
After the shoot the images will be professionally edited, airbrushed and made to look their best.
You'll get a copy of all edited images as 6"x4" prints
You'll also get a disc with all the images at full resolution so you can print any more you wish.
You'll get your own page on this site to showcase your images to the world

Ok, I'm in, what now?

Click the button in the top right which says "Click here to be one of the mINKxes" and fill out the short form there, and we can start chatting to plan a shoot!


I have a few questions...

I thought you might, I've tried to answer some of what I think will be frequently asked questions below, and I'll add to those if anything else keeps popping up. If there is anything not covered, there is a handy form at the bottom of the page to ask anything else.

I’ve never had a photoshoot before, how will i know what to do?

I’ve shot many clients for boudoir sessions as presents for partners and suchlike, these ladies had never had a shoot before but in each and every case they ended up with images they loved. We’d chat about the shoot while arranging it, and on the day you can rely on me being able to direct your poses to make you look fantastic.

I’d love to take part, but I’m not in Newcastle, is that ok?

Yes, absolutely, though I am based in Newcastle I travel all over the UK quite regularly, so would love to arrange to drop in for a quick shoot if I’m near to you. Give me a shout and we can make sure you’re on the list of interested ladies, so I know to shout if I’m close by.

Do i get to decide which shots you show?

Yes, absolutely. I want everyone taking part to be happy and comfortable with the shots that go on the site, I’m confident we’ll capture some images you love but to make sure you’re happy with what images are seen by the public I have setup a system where by you can sign off where shots can be used. After the shoot i instantly copy the unedited images to a tablet, and you can go through and rate every pic from 1 to 5 stars, and only from the 4 / 5 stars do i pick 12 to edit. I go away and edit them, photoshopping any little imperfection away Usually takes a week or two. Once they are ready they get put on a private link for you to view and approve, make sure you're happy with them. Once you've approved, then they go on the site, if you want changes they will be re-edited.

My place is pretty small, it may not be any good?

I’ve shot in tiny flats and cramped hotel rooms for boudoir in the past, and always managed to get some awesome shots. Thankfully boudoir is generally a close up intimate style, so massive expanses of rooms are not necessary.

I’m a bit shy, how revealing will shots be?

The basic idea is that each girl should be at least down to lingerie, but beyond that it’s entirely up to you. The images can be as revealing, or not, as you like. With the project as a whole I’d like to have images of girls in lingerie, ‘implied’ (think covered up with a strategically placed sheet or hand), topless and nude though I’m happy for each girl to be as revealing or not as she is comfortable with. I’m hoping to have a good amount of interest in this, so I’m sure all the different options will be shot in time. When we’re discussing and making arrangements for a shoot, I’ll check then what you’re comfortable with.

I’ve a great idea for a location, can we shoot there?

Probably, yes! I’ve portable lighting equipment and flashes so I can shoot absolutely anywhere, as long as you think you’d be comfortable at whatever level of undress in the location, and we’re not going to get locked up for indecent exposure then I’m up for shooting anywhere. I’ve already got one booked in while a girl is having her next piece inked, and I’d love to add in some more quirky locations too.

I’d love to, I’m just a bit worried because of my job…

I’ve heard this from a few girls I’ve discussed it with already, they’d love to take part but are concerned about work. First and foremost, if you think it may be a huge issue then don’t take part, a few photos are not worth spoiling a career over. That said, Images can be shot in such a way that they are not overly revealing depending on tattoo locations, and images can even be shot from certain angles such as from above so that your face is not identifiable, though obviously the ink could give it away in many cases. To make sure you don’ t appear in searches for your name inadvertently, when we shoot I would agree with you how you would like to be referred to on the site such as just your first name, or Miss B, a modelling name or whatever suits.
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