Elle O’Bouys Hat-trick

How old are you?

Early 30s

Where are you from?


What do you do?

Burlesque and cabaret performer

How many tattoos do you have?


What was your first tattoo?

Tiny heart in my right hip, that’s faded and not looked after but can’t bring myself to cover for memories sake

What is your favourite tattoo?

A religious lipstick on my inner forearm that says ‘born naked and the rest is drag’ the actual meaning to me is not as obvious as it sounds. But as a drag obsessed crazy cat lady it suits me perfectly.

What’s next?

Finishing my sleeve with an amazing drag queen (who will remain secret till she is done) the whole thing is being designed by Lucy O’Connell at Reds tattoo and piercing in Leeds. She did my lipstick and circus elephant so I’ve sent her a few inspiration pics but am more than happy to leave the rest up to her. I can’t wait!

Artists you’ve had work by?

Most of my work is by Lucy O’Connell from Reds tattoo and piercing in Leeds.
Also my back piece and writing on my ribs was by Mel at Elixir tattoos in Sunderland

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